why us

We are the small business specialist.  We know small town NZ and we know the small businesses that make these towns so special.

And it matters to us if we do a stellar job for these businesses.  Put simply, we care.

We’ve summed up our approach in three straight-forward principles that really mean something to us and those we partner with, rather than lofty corporate speak without some meat behind it.

01. say it like it is – have courageous conversations.  Talk straight. Be honest and communicate with authenticity and transparency.


02. make it count – add value.  Make a difference.  Provide advice that really helps.


03. own it – be accountable and take responsibility. Back yourself and your team.


These principles are what really drives us and motivates us to do what we do.  And it’s what sets us apart from other business consultancies.

To us, these values are so much more than words on a wall – they are the essence of our service and the foundation of our partnerships with our clients.

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