the power of a cover letter

February 21st 2021

Cover letters are NOT dead. A good resume coupled with an impactful cover letter are the foundation to your job search, as this is what gets you noticed!

We all know competition in the job market is fierce. So, it’s really important to have a powerful cover letter to give to prospective employers.

But you don’t want just a ‘good’ cover letter. You want a GREAT one! The golden question is, what makes an impactful cover letter and how do you write a powerful cover letter?

To start, you really need to HOOK your reader. This doesn’t mean immediately jumping into your many years of experience, but perhaps having a catchy, interesting personal statement to grab the reader.

It’s all about striking the right balance between a casual and professional tone, so that you’re showing where you add value, without making a boring list of all the things you’ve done. Whilst you’re trying to showcase all of your knowledge, skills and capabilities, try to add more of a conversational tone to your writing by making it more personable and add in a little humor where appropriate.

After you’ve highlighted what sort of work and industries you’ve been a part of in a clear and concise manner, say something interesting about yourself! How do you relax after a long day’s work? What’s a fun fact about yourself? Maybe you’re living in a really interesting place with cool things to do nearby in your spare time. The key is, make it personable and showcase what makes you different.

Recruiters don’t want to read generic and vague cover letters. Tailor your document and use personal pronouns coupled with concrete examples to illustrate your experience and skills in a more unique way. Avoid writing in third person and bring as much life to your cover letter as you can!

Try these tips and see how you get on.

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