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January 5th 2019

I used to be obsessed with making new years’ resolutions.  I’d vow to eat healthier, exercise more, swear less.  They were pretty arbitrary pledges and more often than not, I’d completely forgotten what they were once the second week of January hit, which means it was a pretty pointless endeavour.

Once I started in the working world, my new years’ resolutions became “goals” for the year.  A fancier term, but essentially the same result.  Again, they were crazy promises that were too whimsical, too unfocused, and quite frankly, too hard to keep.

Since then, through my own experiences, doing some study, reading books, and following successful business people around the world, I’ve learnt about the art of setting goals that inspire you, motivate you, and drive you to smash them out of the park.

Setting and achieving goals is so much more than just being S.M.A.R.T.

It’s about getting your mindset right and feeling empowered to succeed.

It’s about knowing your why and connecting to your purpose on a deeper level.

It’s about anchoring your vision with one word that really resonates with you.

And it’s about giving meaning and drive to all areas of your life; work, rest and play.

Essentially, goals are dreams with a deadline.  And without power, belief and strong reasons behind those goals, you’ll have no drive to achieve them.

As Tim Ferris says, rig the game to win it.  Set goals for 2019 that actually mean something to you, and you WILL find a way to nail them.

We’re kicking off our Working Women’s Tribe sessions for 2019 with a goal setting workshop on Monday 14th January at 12:30pm at our office.  If personal and professional development is on your radar for 2019, and you want to do the best and be the best you can be, join our tribe now!

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