The marketing space is evolving.  It’s an evolution driven by technology, the online space, and changing consumer behaviour, and to survive, your business needs to evolve too.

And sometimes, it takes the eyes and ears of an external consultant to see opportunities you may be missing by being bogged down in the day-to-day operations.  As they say, sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees!

Our marketing expertise is varied and includes:

creating a marketing plan

Definitely the best starting point.  The marketing plan is the roadmap for future decision making – it makes sure you stay in your lane and remain focused on investing in the right areas where you hope to get the most bang for your buck.  We can work with you to develop a marketing plan complete with SWOT analysis, competitor profiling, and recommendations.

content writing

Content is king.  Content has to be relevant to your target audience for it to be an effective marketing tool so it pays to dedicate time to getting it right.  We can help to write content for online channels including websites, as well as for print material.

tender writing & funding applications

If you’re in a business that has to pitch for business, you’ll be well aware of the time-consuming nature of responding to tender requests.  You’ll also be well aware of the importance of nailing it.  Tender writing is more an art than a science, particularly in terms of dissecting the key requirements and ensuring your response ‘talks’ directly to these points.  We pride ourselves on our ability to wordsmith even the most technical jargon, to fit a required word count or page limit, and to answer the question being asked.

event management

We’re fortunate to have the guru of event organising, Nicki Raffills, on our team.  She is a champion organiser, who leaves nothing to chance.  She knows the importance of forward-planning, risk assessment, and constant communication with all relevant stakeholders.  Nicki also rises to a challenge, and thrives on the pressure and expectation that comes with event management.  Our event management expertise includes meticulous planning, attention to detail and the ability to see the finer points as well as the bigger picture, and tight budget management.


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