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Managing people is a challenging ask for small businesses, particularly those that don’t have an inhouse resource dedicated to the cause. That’s where we come in. We provide an outsourced HR solution including hr policies and processes our clients can tap into any time they need it for specific projects or adhoc advice.

We work with businesses, not for businesses. Our partnership approach means we become an extension of our clients’ business – their right-hand when the going gets tough.

Our hr consultancy services include:

developing hr policies & processes

It’s good to know what you have compared to what you should have so before we start writing hr policies and processes, we recommend an audit. Our audit involves a thorough review of current hr policies and documentation and proposes any changes or additions that may be needed to meet legislative or best practice standards. Ambiguous hr policies can be the cause of many employee issues so it pays to nail this from the outset with clear, concise hr policies that leave no room for misinterpretation.  Once the gap analysis has been completed, we get to work writing hr policies that actually mean something to your business.


Recruiting great people can be like finding a needle in a haystack. It takes skill and experience to specifically define the opportunity, and accurately assess applicants to find the one that matches what you’re looking for. We can lead the whole process (or just part of it depending on your time and expertise constraints), including:

  • developing the job description
  • writing the job advert
  • arranging placement in appropriate channels (online or print)
  • acknowledging & screening responses
  • facilitating competency based interviews to assess required skills and behaviours
  • arranging finxS personality profiling
  • reference checking
  • preparing offer documentation

Our focus is on getting the right people in the right roles.

individual employment agreements

It’s pretty simply – you have to have them; it’s the law. What isn’t so straight forward is what type of employment agreement suits your situation and what clauses you should include in that agreement. We can help by advising whether casual, fixed term or permanent employment is most appropriate depending on the nature of the relationship, and we can also draft the right employment clauses to suit your business operations.  Individual Employment Agreements are one hr policy you need to get right.

hr advice

Managing people is a challenging ask for small businesses. Allegations of misconduct, poor performance issues, and proposed restructures are all complex issues that most businesses have to face at some point, and you shouldn’t shy away from them. Successful businesses have the tough conversations when needed, with a little support from us. We can guide you through these hr processes by reviewing the applicable hr policies, creating the necessary documentation, facilitating meetings, or providing behind the scenes advice if you prefer to take the lead.

performance reviews

Review discussions are a chance to ensure your people know how they contribute to your business and its goals. It should be a dialogue, not a monologue. The conversation should cover – but not dwell – on historical performance, and this assessment of past performance is then used as the platform to have a future focused conversation about objectives and career goals. We can create and implement this hr process as well as creating the hr policies that support the process.  The key to success is to encourage buy-in from your people and strive for positive outcomes.

wellness programmes

Erin can help your people get their sparkle back. Her background in yoga and meditation is a unique platform for an HR Consultant, and it has given her the expertise to facilitate workplace wellness sessions focused on lighting up at work through being centred, present and considered, both physically and mentally. Erin can run one-off sessions or develop a whole programme for your business.

staff surveys

If you’re wondering whether your people like, love or loathe coming to work, you should ask them! We can facilitate climate surveys to measure the level of satisfaction people have with their work, as well as exit interviews with those departing. It’s a great way to assess attitudes and perceptions about all areas of work, and new ideas for the business. You just have to be prepared to listen.


To find out more about these services  contact us for advice on hr policies

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