what is employee engagement and how do we drive it?

October 29th 2018

Employee engagement is often seen as one of the fanciful parts of HR – it can be a buzz word without a lot of substance behind it if you don’t really know the true value behind it.

Put simply, employee engagement is a measure of job satisfaction.  It signifies the level of motivation an employee has for their job; employees who are highly engaged essentially try harder and therefore perform at a greater level than disengaged staff.   So aiming to lift employee engagement is about tapping into the discretionary effort and fostering increased drive from employees.

You know you’ve nailed it when you have a team of people who go above and beyond.  That really is the measure of an engaged employee.

For your organisation, there are so many rewards for increased employee engagement, including:

Climate surveys are a useful tool to assess the current level of employee engagement within the organisation, and the results provide an insightful platform to drive improvement from.  It’s really important that these surveys or conversations result in actionable outcomes, otherwise you run the risk of too much hui and not enough do-y as they say!  A talk fest wont make change, but some specific actions responding to employee feedback most certainly will.

Do you think you have a good gauge on how engaged your employees are?

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