the working women’s tribe

The Working Women’s Tribe is a group of local King Country women who work hard, either in the business world, on the farm, or in the family home.  And we’re all trying to do it all as best as we can!

We know we thrive when we’re well-supported, encouraged and inspired to be the very best version of ourselves every day.

So our mission is to provide Working Women with the skills, confidence and opportunities to achieve great things for the benefit of themselves, their families and our wider community.

We meet monthly on the second Monday of each month from 12:30pm – 1:30pm at our offices, 9 Lawrence St, Otorohanga.  Our catch ups are pretty informal so everyone feels welcome – there’s no power-suits in our Tribe, and we’re totally at home with both redbands and heels.  We use these monthly catch ups to celebrate successes, ask for advice, learn something new, provide support, or do all of those things at once (since we are the queens of multi-tasking!).

Most of all, it’s a chance to focus on YOU.

Join the tribe!

upcoming events

Monday 12th November at 12:30pm – Whats Your Why???  We’ll take a look at the work of Simon Sinek and ask yourselves the tough question of what is our underlining purpose- why do what we do??

Presented by Kylie Mouat, Owner, eight73 consulting


Monday 10th December at 12:30pm – DOPE Personality profiling – find out if you’re a dove, owl, peacock or eagle!

Presented by Kylie Mouat, Owner, eight73 consulting


Monday 14th January at 12:30pm – Informal post-xmas get together


past events

Monday 15th October at 12:30pm – Speed Meeting!  Like speed dating but without the ridiculously awkward handshake and uncomfortable silences.  A great chance to meet other equally awesome women.

Presented by Nicki Raffills, Consultant, eight73 consulting


Monday 10th September at 12:30pm – From fragmentation to wholeness – understanding the blurred boundaries of life and work – how to reset and refresh mind and body

Presented by Erin Fairgray, Consultant, eight73 consulting


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