the career spectrum

November 30th 2021

Since seeing it on Instagram, I’ve been reflecting on Gus Balbontin’s Career Spectrum, and how it applies to me.  

He suggests stretching your time beyond your current role and spread it across the career spectrum. “Your job” is actually balancing this time, not just deploying it all to a single role and a single company.

So, what does this mean for me?

What is my anchor role?  My push?  My side hustle?  My play?

At this stage and age in my life, my ‘work’ has evolved since I started out as an admin in an office in Glenfield.  With no formal training I learned skills on the job and worked my way up the career ladder to the highest rung in my chosen field.  I then gave it all up and pursued love, using some of those skills to juggle family and life far away from what I was used to, as well as understand a new type of business – dairy farming. 

Then along came Kylie and eight73 consulting, the initial 6 hours a week have built into my ‘anchor role’ so I’ve been able to continue to ‘push’ self development, pivot down the  HR path, continue dabbling in work I get a buzz from as a side hustle, and for my ‘play’ do more for my community and all while keeping my family a priority, and helping run our own business.  When I could of just taken a part time job in an office to help pay the bills, without much real thought or effort I ended up here!

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