recruiting on attitude

October 22nd 2018

When it’s time to recruit, it can be tempting to look for the easiest fit; someone who has come from a direct competitor.  They’ll have industry experience, they’ll know the customers and the suppliers, and they’re likely to hit the ground running in a very short timeframe.

But are they always your best option?  What about talented individuals with a different industry background?

The old adage rings true – skills and knowledge can be learnt, attitude can’t be.

And surely the behavioural characteristics of your best employees, passion, drive, motivation, and willingness to learn and contribute to the greater good, are not limited to one industry.

Someone keen to take the leap into a new industry can also bring with them new viewpoints and a willingness to challenge the status quo of outdated practices – they don’t know what “can’t be done”, and sometimes this can be liberating for a business.

So next time you’re ready to increase headcount, just take a moment to consider whether you really do want to replace like for like, or whether there’s an opportunity to inject some diversity to your team by considering a slightly left-field option – the benefits could be massive.



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