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February 8th 2020

As usual, we’ve been fairly busy with recruitment this month for a number of different clients.  For some of these positions, we’ve received in excess of 40 applications and while it’s time-consuming to respond to every applicant, it’s critical that you do so to protect your employment brand.  The applicant has taken the time to apply for the role, so at the very least, they deserve an outcome to their efforts.

Individual Employment Agreements

Last week I received an email, that reinforced the importance of providing feedback:

“Hi Kylie,

I am super grateful for your explanation of “why” my application did not proceed to the next stage. The fact that you took the time to explain the logic is truly appreciated. It was refreshing to not just receive a generically formatted letter.  I wish you well in finding your successful applicant.”

So, although this person was not progressed to the shortlist stage where she had the opportunity to interview, she still felt valued and I suspect would still be interested in working for the organisation in the future. 
I encourage you to take the extra time to acknowledge and respond to applicants, and improve your brand in the process.

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