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August 21st 2020

Conducting a performance review can seem like a big time commitment for managers and employees, so is there any value in doing them?

In a nutshell, yes!  But not the traditional way, where performance reviews have historically been an exercise in form filling, which often stifles discussion and restricts the benefit that can be achieved.  The real value lies in implementing a process that encourages a conversation. 

A well-designed performance review framework is a dialogue, rather than a monologue; it enables two-way communication between an employee and their manager.  The process is an opportunity to align expectations, appraise technical and behavioural performance, and most importantly set goals for the coming year. 

The dialogue should include conversations about the culture and atmosphere of the organisation, as well as strengths and talents of the employee, areas for development, and ideas for improvement both individually and as an organisation.  By opening up the dialogue, you may be surprised by the constructive continuous improvement suggestions you receive.

Allowing employees to participate in their own appraisals creates a dual understanding and an opportunity to gain a common perspective on current performance and future expectations.

Click here for some conversation prompts to get you started in implementing an effective performance review system.


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