partnership plans

We know we are most effective when we develop tight partnerships with our clients; relationships built on trust, honesty, collaboration and ongoing support.  This intensity means we’re able to anticipate needs and address issues when the cracks first appear, rather than responding as the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff.

A proactive approach through a true partnership reduces HR problems and provides a level of assurance to employees that they are supported during their employment journey.

We have 3 levels of our partnership plan to suit businesses of all sizes:


Integrated Partnership

Mutually beneficial arrangement providing substantial strategic value made possible through the in-depth knowledge gained through a high level of involvement & engagement including being on-site for 4 hours per week


Collaborative Partnership

Regular interaction through monthly on-site sessions, to develop knowledge, to enable a high degree of strategic value


Transactional Partnership

Operational relationship, providing ad hoc support, as and when required with additional value delivered through monthly e-newsletters


We also offer HR consultancy support to businesses who are not on a partnership plan with, at an increased hourly rate.

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