mind full, or mindful?

September 20th 2018

Earlier this month we had our first meeting of The Working Women’s Tribe where the topic was about work life blend, and the feeling of being fragmented into a million different pieces with the demands of life and work.

Erin gave the Tribe some tips to counteract these competing pressures, by finding ways to connect within ourselves and with those we love, and really BE present in the moment. Our focus was on relaxing our mind and body and taking control of what we could, and accepting what we couldn’t.

Finding calm amongst the chaos can be a mental game, that requires consciously changing your perspective and mindset.

This can be done through 5 essential practices:

1. Focus
2. Gratitude
3. Conscious Breathing
4. Body
5. Choices

Join the Working Women’s Tribe to get more information on each of these to see if it makes a difference in your life.
Some other tips that may make work life blend a little more manageable are:

1. Embrace the fluidity – if you remain super strict on compartmentalizing work from life, you’re failing to recognise the integral role work plays in life. They really can’t be separated, and a continual attempt to do so, is likely to be a stressful, unrealistic, and unnecessary exercise to put ourselves through.

2. Choose your priorities – you quite simply can’t do it all, at least not if you intend on maintaining your sanity! Managing the blend effectively is as much an exercise in changing your focus, as it is in reducing your expectations.

3. Cement your boundaries – once you’ve chosen your priorities, don’t negotiate on them. If bath & book time with the little people in your life is sacred to you and your family, then stick to your guns and don’t let anything interfere with that time.

Someone once said that it’s like a game of Tetris.

You have to fit the pieces of your life in in a way that makes sense to you. The difference is that you’re choosing which blocks to fit, instead of just having this big pile of blocks in the corner giving you anxiety.


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