mental health awareness month

May 24th 2021

With May being mental health awareness month, we thought we would talk about mental wellbeing and how to support employees who may be experiencing mental distress 💚

We’re all human. We have feelings and we go through highs and lows.

Sometimes employees can end up in a personal crisis, and work may be the one place they can get away. This is when employers can create a safe and supportive environment for all of their staff; have regular check ins, allow time out for personal appointments related to mental health, and encourage employees to look out for one another.

Alternatively, it may be external support employees need, such assistance from a refuge, counsellor, or psychologist.

In some instances, employees may feel out of touch with themselves, so you could suggest employees attend a workshop or retreat for their own wellbeing to get back in touch with who they are. Sick Leave, Annual leave and Domestic Violence leave are there for that reason, to give employees some time to get support.

If you notice employees aren’t quite themselves, or you know they’re going through a lot personally, we really recommend a sit down with them, ask what they need (sensitively) and agree some sort of plan, if that is what they need 😊

There are also some really awesome external sources and networks in our community that are super helpful in the wellbeing space, including Ainslie from I AM Yoga and the many services of the Otorohanga Community Support House 🙌😃


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