love & labour – THE TRIBE

Love & Labour – THE TRIBE is a group of local King Country women who combine passion & hard graft to do amazing things both personally and professionally.

We recognised the importance of strengthening our local community long before the global COVID-19 pandemic, and we’ve been passionately supporting one another for many many months now.

We believe we’re better together.

We thrive when we’re well-supported, encouraged and inspired to be the very best version of ourselves every day, and the Tribe provides the forum for exactly that.

Since September 2018 the Tribe has been providing local women with the skills, confidence and opportunities to achieve great things for the benefit of themselves, their families and our wider community through ongoing personal and professional development.  Our sessions are interactive workshops, discussions and shared learnings, as well as an opportunity to hear from guest speakers who have an amazing story to tell.

We meet monthly on the second Thursday of each month from 12:30pm – 1:30pm at our offices, 10 Te Kanawa St, Otorohanga.  All sessions are recorded and accessible via the closed facebook group, where there is also a whole heap of other inspiring and informative content.  We also have an evening (5:30pm) catch up once a quarter, purely for networking to expand our connections and widen our circle.

Most of all, it’s a chance to focus on YOU.

It’s free to join!


upcoming events

May – GUEST SPEAKER – Jorja Tarrant, Owner & Founder of What The Food telling her inspiring story

June – evening networking – informal collaboration & conversation with some awesome local women! 

July – Stop procrastinating! – a deep dive into how to ‘eat that frog!’


some of our past events

all content from past events, including live videos, is accessible to members in the closed facebook group.

April – Overcoming Limiting Beliefs – with qualified Life Coach, Carla Mangles

February – Abundance vs scarcity mindset 

January 2021Goal Setting – focused on habits – start, stop, keep.

November  – Exploring Emotional Intelligence

October – GUEST SPEAKER – Tracey Hancock with an introduction to journaling

July – OVERCOME THE OVERWHELM (via zoom) – with Lauren Parsons

April – Growth mindset (via zoom) – learn how you can develop a growth mindset so you’re better placed to tackle challenges and continue striving to reach your unlimited potential!

January – goal setting – exploring Warren Buffet’s 5/25 rule of goal setting.

November  – GUEST SPEAKER – Renee Johansen, owner of runninginheels.nz and FaceStuff Co.

October  – DOPE – personality profiling exercise

August – GUEST SPEAKER – Bex Lipp co-founder of Awesome Inc,, winner of the NEXT Magazine ‘Her Own Boss Winners 2018’,and publisher of a children’s book called ‘Aroha’s Way‘.

July – Imposter Syndrome – What is it and how do we overcome it?

June – What’s Your Why???  – Learning from Simon Sinek’s work

Join the tribe!

Love & Labour The Event

We also have an annual event, dedicated to entertaining, inspiring and motivating women. Check it out here.

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