love & labour – THE TRIBE

Love & Labour – THE TRIBE is a group of local King Country women who combine passion & hard graft either in the business world, on the farm, or in the family home.  And we’re all trying to do it all as best as we can!

We know we thrive when we’re well-supported, encouraged and inspired to be the very best version of ourselves every day.

So our mission is to provide local women with the skills, confidence and opportunities to achieve great things for the benefit of themselves, their families and our wider community through ongoing personal and professional development.  Our sessions are interactive workshops, discussions and shared learnings, as well as an opportunity to hear from guest speakers who have an amazing story to tell.

We meet monthly on the second Thursday of each month from 12:30pm – 1:30pm at our offices, 9 Lawrence St, Otorohanga.

We also have an evening (5:30pm) catch up once a quarter, purely for networking to expand our connections and widen our circle.  Our catch ups are pretty informal so everyone feels welcome – there’s no power-suits in our Tribe, and we’re totally at home with both redbands and heels.

Most of all, it’s a chance to focus on YOU.

Join the tribe!

upcoming events

Thursday 16th January 2020 at 12:30pm – GOAL SETTING

Warren Buffet, one of the most successful businessman of all time, is infamous for his 5/25 rule of goal setting.  In this session we’ll explore exactly what that means and have a go at applying it to ourselves to set up for an exceptional 2020!  Presented by Kylie Mouat, Owner, eight73 consulting

past events

Monday 11th November at 12:30pm – GUEST SPEAKER

Renee Johansen, from runninginheels.nz is joining us!  She’s also the face behind Heart from Hazel, stuffreneesays and FaceStuff Co.

Renee works from home as a Shopify Partner and ecommerce coach, as well as being a farmer’s wife and mum to one year old Emmie.  She has an authentic, honest approach and a great sense of humour so we’re looking forward to hearing about her journey.

Monday 14th October at 12:30pm – DOPE

Are you a dove, owl, peacock or eagle?

This personality profiling exercise gives you great insight into your behaviours as well as helping to understand and appreciate the behaviours of those around you.

Monday 9th September at 5:30pm – Evening networking.  A social get together.

Monday 12th August at 12:30pm – GUEST SPEAKER.

Bex Lipp joined us!  Bex has recently sold her shares in Awesome Inc,, a company she co-founded, that sold gratitude journals to help people create happier lives.  While with Awesome Inc, she was awarded the NEXT Magazine ‘Her Own Boss Winners 2018’.  Since then, Bex has set up her own social media consultancy where she provides expertise to help small businesses grow their audience and engagement, to ultimately generate sales.  She’s also a huge advocate of improving resources for mental health and has recently published a children’s book called ‘Aroha’s Way‘.

Monday 8th July at 12:30pm – Imposter Syndrome.

Imposter Syndrome is a phenomenon where your self-belief means you’re constantly doubting your accomplishments, and feeling that you are not deserving of the success – you might justify it by saying you “got lucky”.  It can be debilitating for some people, so we’ll shed some light on it, take a little self-assessment to see how much it affects you, and then talk through strategies to overcome it.  Presented by Kylie Mouat, Owner, eight73 consulting

Monday 13th May at 12:30pm – GUEST SPEAKER.

Tesh aka Mrs Coconut is coming along to share her journey.  She is best known as the founder of Raglan Coconut Yoghurt, but has also written a couple of books.  She is massively passionate about sustainability and runs her business with this at the forefront of all her decisions.  This session was incredible!

Monday 8th April at 12:30pm – Productivity Hacks.  Are you really as efficient as you could be?  We’ll explore tips & tricks to improve your productivity so you can do more in less time.  Presented by Kylie Mouat, Owner, eight73 consulting

Monday 11th March at 5:30pm – Evening networking.  A social get together.

Monday 11th February at 12:30pm – GUEST SPEAKER.  

Amy Attwood, owner of Baby on the Move, joined us and shared her story from home-based business to retail store owner in both Hamilton and Tauranga.  She’s a busy mum and a busy businesswoman who has hit huge heights of success from turning her passion into a money-maker!

Monday 14th January at 12:30pm – Goal setting.  You all know about SMART goals, so in this session we’re skipping the basics to delve deeper into how to set effective goals that really set you up for success.   Presented by Kylie Mouat, Owner, eight73 consulting

Monday 10th December at 5:30pm – Evening networking.  Pre-xmas social get together.

Monday 12th November at 12:30pm – Whats Your Why???  We’ll take a look at the work of Simon Sinek and ask yourselves the tough question of what is our underlining purpose- why do what we do??  Presented by Kylie Mouat, Owner, eight73 consulting

Monday 15th October at 12:30pm – Speed Meeting!  Like speed dating but without the ridiculously awkward handshake and uncomfortable silences.  A great chance to learn the art of chatting to strangers by meeting other equally awesome women.  Presented by Nicki Raffills, Consultant, eight73 consulting

Monday 10th September at 12:30pm – From fragmentation to wholeness – understanding the blurred boundaries of life and work and how to reset and refresh mind and body.  Presented by Erin Fairgray, Consultant, eight73 consulting


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