growth mindset

April 8th 2020

This month our Tribe focused on Growth Mindset, a term coined by researcher Carol Dweck.

Essentially, it is the power of believing you can improve, based on the belief that the hand you’re dealt, is just the starting point for development.  Growth mindset is at the opposite end of the continuum from fixed mindset, that assumes that our character, intelligence, and creative ability are static and we can’t change them in any meaningful way. 

Growth mindset embraces the concept of Neuroplasticity, which essentially is your brains enormous capacity for learning and change, through forming new neural connections based on experiences. 

Whether you have a fixed or growth mindset impacts the amount of effort you put in, how you approach challenges, and how you cope with mistakes and feedback.

If you have a fixed mindset, you’re more likely to shy away from challenges for fear of failing, rather than embracing them with a passion for learning. 

I think this is so important right now.  We need to see the challenges we’re faced with as an opportunity to learn, to grow, to develop. 

Here’s some tips to get started:

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