giving effective feedback

June 27th 2020

giving feedback

Effective leaders have to be brave enough to have tough conversations so they can deliver feedback effectively.  As Brene Brown says, you have to get comfortable with discomfort! 

Here’s some tips to help you:

  1. Avoid dishing out unsolicited advice – instead, ask your employee how & when they’d like to have a chat about their performance.  This makes sure the employee retains some control over the situation and they’re less likely to get their shackles up.
  2. Be specific – clear, concise, solution focused feedback, backed up by real examples will have the most impact.
  3. Don’t delay – frequent feedback is far better than saving all your commentary for one annual review.  As a situation happens, take the opportunity to address it there and then.
  4. Show balance – balance your constructive criticism with positive feedback too but don’t try to disguise it.  If there’s an issue, sugarcoating it will only serve to confuse the employee.
  5. Consider your communication – sometimes, the way you intend to deliver a message is not how it is received. Check out our blog post on the art of communication for more tips.

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