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chatting up a stranger

15th October 2018

I used to dread starting conversations with strangers. I always thought it was super awkward to strike up a conversation with someone I didn’t know, and I was worried that there’d be no where to go after the initial intro, of “hi, I’m Kylie”…

But now, after more than a decade in HR, meeting and greeting people in both a professional and personal capacity, I’m pleased to say I’m getting a little more comfortable in uncomfortable situations – if that makes sense!

Having conversations with someone you don’t know is the cornerstone of building a network, and your network is a powerful support system to help you cope, a brains trust when you don’t have the answers, and a sanity gauge when you need advice.  I’ve certainly called on my broader network many times in my career, and I’m fortunate that I work in a profession where schmoozing is the name of the game so it’s been second nature to continue expanding who I know, and equally as important, who knows me!

Today’s session of The Working Women’s Tribe was step 1 in this process of widening our network. Read More »

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5 Tips to find calm amongst the chaos

30th September 2018

It’s time to wrap up our first month of The Working Women’s Tribe!

Make sure you’ve also read our posts on managing work life blend for other tips and tricks and checked out the other information provided in the facebook group.

For those of you that were able to make it to the September session, we really hope you gained something from the practical exercises Erin showed us to relax our mind and body on a daily basis.

To recap, here are the key takeouts:

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work life blend

27th August 2018

I recently wrote a blog post about life as a working mum, and in the post, I said I had found “balance” and I felt like I could have it all; the luxury of time as a mum, and time as a business woman.
The caveat to all that, was my phrase “to some extent, anyway”.
There is always give & take and having balance doesn’t mean total equality between the two things, work & life. There is no such thing as a perfect 50/50 split. So to me, balance means being able to dedicate time & energy to both, exactly when you want to.

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