goal setting

5th January 2019

I used to be obsessed with making new years’ resolutions.  I’d vow to eat healthier, exercise more, swear less.  They were pretty arbitrary pledges and more often than not, I’d completely forgotten what they were once the second week of January hit, which means it was a pretty pointless endeavour.

Once I started in the working world, my new years’ resolutions became “goals” for the year.  A fancier term, but essentially the same result.  Again, they were crazy promises that were too whimsical, too unfocused, and quite frankly, too hard to keep.

Since then, through my own experiences, doing some study, reading books, and following successful business people around the world, I’ve learnt about the art of setting goals that inspire you, motivate you, and drive you to smash them out of the park.

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this incredible community

12th December 2018

Putting down roots in a new town is massive.  If you’ve done it before, you’ll know what I mean.  It’s such a crazy scary thing.

And starting a small business in a small town is crazy scary too.  There are just so many unknowns that you really feel like you’re taking a gamble.

Before I made the move here to Otorohanga I spent a fair few sleepless nights wondering what I would be getting myself into.

I wondered if the district was somewhere you could start a business, and make it a success.
I wondered if it’d be a nice place to raise a family.
I wondered if I’d make friends.
I wondered if there was passion. Energy. A sense of community.

I wondered if it was a town living or dying.

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using personal email for work biz

30th November 2018

Ivanka Trump hit the headlines last week for using her personal email for White House business.

There was a fear she’d been sending classified information over a private system and by doing so, potentially cause a threat to the US security system.

But it’s not actually illegal.  In the US, personal accounts are able to be used for government business, providing any official correspondence is forwarded to a work account within 20 days for preservation. The relevant Acts state that this step is to ensure official records are not beyond the reach of journalists, lawmakers and others who seek publicly available information.

This is an important practice for all of us in business too.

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getting in the arena

19th November 2018

Last Friday night, I got in the arena, in front of 110 people.

Nicki and I had worked hard over many months to take Empowering Women from a crazy idea to an actual event and on the night, I knew it was my job to pull it off. Nicki had done the mahi behind the scenes, and now it was up to me to make it a stellar night.

I was MC, arguably the toughest gig at any event, because really your job is never done.  You can’t just say your piece and then enjoy a vino.  You have to show up over and over again, throughout the whole night.

And public speaking is one of my biggest fears.

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what is employee engagement and how do we drive it?

29th October 2018

Employee engagement is often seen as one of the fanciful parts of HR – it can be a buzz word without a lot of substance behind it if you don’t really know the true value behind it.

Put simply, employee engagement is a measure of job satisfaction.  It signifies the level of motivation an employee has for their job; employees who are highly engaged essentially try harder and therefore perform at a greater level than disengaged staff.   So aiming to lift employee engagement is about tapping into the discretionary effort and fostering increased drive from employees.

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recruiting on attitude

22nd October 2018

When it’s time to recruit, it can be tempting to look for the easiest fit; someone who has come from a direct competitor.  They’ll have industry experience, they’ll know the customers and the suppliers, and they’re likely to hit the ground running in a very short timeframe.

But are they always your best option?  What about talented individuals with a different industry background?

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chatting up a stranger

15th October 2018

I used to dread starting conversations with strangers. I always thought it was super awkward to strike up a conversation with someone I didn’t know, and I was worried that there’d be no where to go after the initial intro, of “hi, I’m Kylie”…

But now, after more than a decade in HR, meeting and greeting people in both a professional and personal capacity, I’m pleased to say I’m getting a little more comfortable in uncomfortable situations – if that makes sense!

Having conversations with someone you don’t know is the cornerstone of building a network, and your network is a powerful support system to help you cope, a brains trust when you don’t have the answers, and a sanity gauge when you need advice.  I’ve certainly called on my broader network many times in my career, and I’m fortunate that I work in a profession where schmoozing is the name of the game so it’s been second nature to continue expanding who I know, and equally as important, who knows me!

Today’s session of The Working Women’s Tribe was step 1 in this process of widening our network. Read More »

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managing workplace stress

30th September 2018

Workplace stress is a tricky thing to manage, and unfortunately it seems to be on the rise for many businesses.workplace stress

There is no legal entitlement for stress leave from work and NZ employment law doesn’t provide an exact definition of stress leave, so it is a bit of a grey area which compounds the challenge of dealing with it.

The lack of legislation means that if an employee feels they need time-off to recover from work-related stress, the leave options are largely up for negotiation between employer and employee, unless the stress is causing illness, in which case sick leave could be taken.

We really need to look at the Health & Safety At Work Act 2015 for guidance on dealing with workplace stress, as this piece of legislation classifies it as a hazard, and therefore provides the framework to guide us.  This means employers have an obligation to monitor, identify and manage workplace stress just as with other hazards.

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5 Tips to find calm amongst the chaos

30th September 2018

It’s time to wrap up our first month of The Working Women’s Tribe!

Make sure you’ve also read our posts on managing work life blend for other tips and tricks and checked out the other information provided in the facebook group.

For those of you that were able to make it to the September session, we really hope you gained something from the practical exercises Erin showed us to relax our mind and body on a daily basis.

To recap, here are the key takeouts:

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mind full, or mindful?

20th September 2018

Earlier this month we had our first meeting of The Working Women’s Tribe where the topic was about work life blend, and the feeling of being fragmented into a million different pieces with the demands of life and work.

Erin gave the Tribe some tips to counteract these competing pressures, by finding ways to connect within ourselves and with those we love, and really BE present in the moment. Our focus was on relaxing our mind and body and taking control of what we could, and accepting what we couldn’t.

Finding calm amongst the chaos can be a mental game, that requires consciously changing your perspective and mindset.

This can be done through 5 essential practices:

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