steps of a disciplinary process

25th February 2023

volunteer vs employeeWe all know HR can be a real minefield if you’re not sure of the correct process to follow when you suspect an employee is up to no good.

It isn’t clearly documented in legislation, but case law has given us a great framework that should be applied whenever a disciplinary matter rears its head.

Below we have outlined the main steps of a disciplinary process:

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talented but toxic – what to do with an employee in this camp

25th February 2023

I think most people would agree it’s easier to avoid issues than confront them, but often that serves to prolong the inevitable – the tough conversation has to happen eventually. And the longer an issue goes on, the harder it is to address.

A toxic employee has to be called out, regardless of whether or not they’re talented.  In fact, some would argue that more talented the employee, the more they should be held to account in exhibiting the right behaviours because they could be looked up to by others in the organisation who then copy what they see.

Regardless of how tricky the conversation may be, it has to happen.

Here’s some advice on how to get underway:

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my letter to Otis

15th October 2022

Otis Mouat

Oh my goodness, you, my baby Oaty Boaty, are now 5.   There were times when I was in the trenches with our three musketeers all under 4 years old, and it felt like this day would never come, but now it’s here, I can’t really believe it.

It all seems to have happened so fast, yet at the same time, it seems so long ago that I brought you into the world at the Te Awamutu birthing centre. 

The second you were born, I felt so complete.  You were, and still are, the glue that holds us altogether.  You’re our peacemaker.  You’re the one who mediates conflicts, and finds a middle ground between our rational-thinking Archie and our emotive-driven Bossy. 

Your arrival created a world where I really had my hands (and heart) full, so you would spend hours snuggled in the Moby wrap like a little koala bear.  You loved it and I loved it.  I think it helped us both find some calm amongst the chaos.  

You can also have almighty tantrums.  You’re not patient.  You’re easily frustrated.  And you’re a terrible loser, no matter what game is being played.  But, you’re just as easily cheered up.  With you, no mad, bad, sad moment lasts long.  You find the fun in life, and spend so much of every day giggling. 

You are an absolute trooper hiking and biking with “the big boys”.  You’ve conquered Mt Kakepuku, Mt Tauhara, Mt Maunganui, and the Hakarimatas.

You’ve always loved doing jobs, helping others, and keeping yourself busy.  You are content in your own company and I often find you outside pottering around, using your imagination to do “farm work” in the backyard.   

As you’ve got older, your cuddles have decreased, and your independence has increased.

Sometimes I’ve found that hard. 

I’ll miss our Wednesday home day, and I know Daddy will miss his Thursday home day with you.  Even though we often had lots of errands to run and jobs to do on Wednesdays, doing it with you, always made it so much better.  Your constant chat and cheeky grin brightens every day.

I know when it comes time to say goodbye to you at the classroom, you’ll be braver than me.  You’ll have the love and support of your two best friends, Archie and Hugo, and you won’t need me. 

Whilst that hurts, it also makes me so so proud.

So my darling, go and be a big 5 year old.  Suck up the school years of sitting in a classroom, learn what you can, and before you know it, you’ll get your heart and head back outside to a life on the farm.

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restraint of trade – learnings from the Tova O’Brien case

26th February 2022

Tova O’Brien argued her new role as a radio show host captured a substantively different audience to her work as a political editor and therefore would not be ‘competition’ for the purposes of her restraint of trade.

Her old employer, Discovery, argued her new role appealed to a significant portion of their target market, namely the younger generation of consumers who appear to switch between breakfast radio and TV media based on their preference of hosts.

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the career spectrum

30th November 2021

Since seeing it on Instagram, I’ve been reflecting on Gus Balbontin’s Career Spectrum, and how it applies to me.  

He suggests stretching your time beyond your current role and spread it across the career spectrum. “Your job” is actually balancing this time, not just deploying it all to a single role and a single company.

So, what does this mean for me?

What is my anchor role?  My push?  My side hustle?  My play?

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the vaccination situation

25th October 2021

Over the last month, we’ve seen this situation escalate with the government expanding their vaccination mandate to include the education, health and prison worker sectors, and introducing vaccination certificates for customers (and staff) as part of the traffic light COVID-19 protection framework.

There is still a lot of grey area around exactly how far reaching the Order is and how the vaccination certificates will be policed, but at the moment, this is what we know:

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tips to protect a united culture

13th October 2021

There’s no denying the topic of vaccinations is a very emotive issue and it has the potential to segregate your employees if not managed sensitively. Even organisations that had a strong culture and a united workforce, risk division in the face of a vaccine debate.

Organisations that already practice diversity and inclusion (D&I) will do well.  The culture of accepting differences in perspective, among other differences, will lead to a culture that invites, welcomes, and embraces choice.

But for Organisations less mature in their D&I practices, this divisive topic can drive an ‘us’ and ‘them’ culture.  But there are 2 tips that could help protect a united culture.

  1. avoid discussions about vaccination status
  2. change the language and terminology used
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accepting a resignation letter

24th August 2021

It can feel harsh receiving an employee’s resignation, even when you know the employee is leaving to pursue an exciting new opportunity. But as the employer, how do you manage this resignation process while meeting good faith obligations?

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rest & meal breaks

29th June 2021

A recent post on Facebook about a coffee cart at Fieldays highlighted some real challenges about rest and meal breaks. 

Tired employees are dangerous.  They can make mistakes that could be fatal.  As an Employer you are required to allow and ensure your team can take breaks to rest the body and the mind.  Rested workers are more productive and in turn, safer.

It is often easier in concept than reality, especially if you run a small business, where there is just you and one other employee, or you own a retail shop where your employee works alone while you are only on site a few hours a day, or a busy café when the break times are the busiest times for customers. 

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Sick Leave Entitlements

15th June 2021

Big news for Employers – from 24 July 2021, minimum sick leave entitlements will increase from 5 to 10 days per year.

The cycle for entitlement remains the same so this change will come into effect for each of your employees at a different time.  You still have to be employed for six months before you become entitled to sick leave, but once that entitlement is due it is now double what it was!

So how does this work in practice? Here’s how….

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…best decision I made in dealing with a recent HR issue

Seeking advice from Nicki was the best decision I made in dealing with a recent HR issue. I felt confident I was complying with best practice and totally supported throughout the process. Can’t recommend eight73 highly enough!

Maria Bradshaw, Manager - Taupo Women's Refuge

A very professional approach and she understands our business needs

Nicki has assisted us in various different areas of hr and recruitment, always with successful outcomes. A very professional approach and she understands our business needs.

Charlotte Clapcott, Owner - Hopscotch Childcare Centre

It’s clear that the team at eight73 consulting really know their stuff

It’s clear that the team at eight73 consulting really know their stuff, and that takes the stress right out of the processes of job applications and interviews – for both employers and applicants. Thank you Kylie and team!

Molly McGrath, job seeker

… really easy to work with

I have worked closely with Nicki, she is really easy to work with and works with me closely when needed, makes herself available anytime, responds in a timely manner. I am absolutely comforted knowing I can flick of an email anytime with a question or more and she is all knowledgeable and ready. And absolutely affordable!

Frances Ferguson

…professional manner, can do attitude & attention to every detail

Thank you very much for your super efficient service. I am truly impressed with everything about eight73 consulting. In particular your professional manner, can do attitude & attention to every detail. You heard everything we needed and attended to it without any delay. I would not hesitate in recommending you.

Gretta Withers, Owner - River Run

Nicki is an absolute rockstar who provides excellent service in so many areas

We love using the team at eight73!!! Nicki is an absolute rockstar who provides excellent service in so many areas and love that we can support another local business in our community.

Adele Phillips, Owner - Pumpn

Nicki provides amazing service!!

Nicki provides amazing service!!

Niki Needham, everypennycounts