accepting a resignation letter

August 24th 2021

It can feel harsh receiving an employee’s resignation, even when you know the employee is leaving to pursue an exciting new opportunity. But as the employer, how do you manage this resignation process while meeting good faith obligations?

The content of a resignation letter provides the indicator as to whether the employee is moving on happily, or with a bone of contention.

If it’s the latter, it’s important to open the door to a conversation to explore it further, BEFORE accepting the resignation. Failing to do so, could provide fertile ground for a constructive dismissal claim where the employee states the employment was untenable, and they had no option but to resign.

Allowing a 24 hour ‘cooldown period’, where the employee can reflect on their decision to resign, is also an important step.

Once you’re satisfied the resignation has been made with due consideration for all options available to the employee, you’re quite ok to accept it and respond in writing. Your response will confirm whether the contractual notice period has been provided, and when the employee’s official last day of work will be. You may also need to make reference to returning company property and clearing any debt on a staff account.

It’s also a great time to think about conducting an exit interview.


Category: communication

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