a new normal

April 9th 2020

We used to talk about Business As Usual, or BAU for those that love acronyms.  It meant status quo.  Normality.  Predictable day-to-day operations.

But I’m not sure that’s even a thing anymore.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced all of us to ask and answer some tough questions.  It’s challenged our thinking and challenged our ways of working.

Technology solutions that were in the too hard basket are now in easy reach, and the drive to utilise them is the difference between sinking or swimming.  What used to seem impossible, is now possible.  Even probable.

And while I’m sure the initial intent was for many of these changes to be temporary, I think the reality is that many of them are here to stay.

I think we’re in for a new normal.

A normal where meetings held over video conferencing are favoured over domestic travel.

A normal where working from home is supported and encouraged rather than barely tolerated.

Where processes and systems are streamlined and efficiencies are created, and we’re all doing more with less.

These departures from normality provide us with a golden opportunity to reassess and re-evaluate what we do, why, and how.  And if you’re brave enough, it might even present the chance to pivot, and move in a new direction.

So, what will your new normal look like?

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