4 tips to improve mental wellbeing in the workplace

September 28th 2020

September has seen us jumping into spring and most importantly, promoting Mental Wellbeing week!

mental wellbeing

It’s safe to say it’s been a tough year for our team of five million, and it’s in times of uncertainty that our wellbeing can take a hit.

Kiwi’s more than ever need to support each other’s mental health and well-being, as many New Zealanders are finding it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel and know there is hope for a positive future. As the Voice of Hope’s campaign, IT’S NOT WEAK TO SPEAK highlights, in 2019, 457 New Zealand men took their own lives, so they dedicated December to encourage men to ditch the “she’ll be right mate, toughen up” attitude, and begin conversations about mental health and well-being whilst asking for help. Most importantly, we need to abolish the stigma around having mental health distress, not only for men, but for all in society.

One of the most valuable business assets is mental wellbeing.

It has been proved that workplaces which put mental wellbeing at the fore front of a company has better engagement, higher worker productivity from increased motivation, and lower absenteeism. Not to mention having improved well-being amongst employees creates higher job satisfaction and boosts morale, which has huge positive flow-on-effects for an organization.

It’s not always the easiest conversation to have with employees, but asking them about their mental well-being is so important, even if it’s just an informal check-in. With one in four people in our world experiencing mental well-being challenges, it’s worse to not have any conversation at all.

Although Health and Safety employment laws require employers to support and treat their employees fairly, it should be something which comes from a good and genuine place, as at the end of the day, it’s the employees that make or break a business. As an employer, you want nothing but the best health and happiness for your staff, who will be more productive and represent your company in more positive light.

Here are a few tips to consider as we move forward, not only from Mental Well-Being week, but from Covid-19:

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